The Rooftop Farm Wimbledon

The Rooftop Farm Wimbledon was born from a desire to turn an unused urban space at Wimbledon Quarter into a flourishing and sustainable garden, full of seasonal produce to be enjoyed by our resident bees and local community alike.

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Locally Grown Produce

Considerately managed by our resident farmer, Will, the farm produces an array of crops throughout the year. 

These include microgreens such as radishes, leeks and rainbow chard and a selection of herbs ranging from mint to coriander and parsley. 

In addition, we grow seasonal produce such as a variety of salad plants, heritage tomatoes, squash and chilies.  And of course, strawberries in time for The Championships!

Our Mushroom Farm

Working closely with the Caley Brothers, we fitted out a disused storeroom at Wimbledon Quarter with a specialist mushroom grow tent, where we now produce gourmet-quality Oyster mushrooms all year round. 

We have also trialed other varieties of mushroom, such as pink and yellow oysters and shiitakes.

All of these mushrooms are grown from recycled coffee grounds, sourced from cafes and restaurants local to Wimbledon Quarter.

The mushrooms, along with our microgreens, herbs and seasonal produce, are supplied to local delicatessens and restaurants such as Bayley & Sage in Wimbledon Village and The Bingham Riverhouse restaurant in Richmond, as well as being sold at local farmers markets in the area.  Thus, creating a circular economy.

The Rooftop Farm’s Apiaries

Wimbledon Honey

The Rooftop Farm also houses three apiaries, home to our honeybees. 

Looked after by BeeUrban, our bees produce an average of 360 jars of honey each year, with the flavour influenced by what was grown in the garden that season.  

Creating a Circular Economy

The farm was launched in 2022 with the intention of creating a circular economy; a system designed to reduce waste whilst maximising resources through reusing, recycling, and composting. 

Passionate about doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment, we are constantly looking at new sustainable initiatives to implement on The Rooftop Farm.  

One such initiative is the recycling of used coffee grounds, collected from local cafes and restaurants, to grow mushrooms. 

With approximately 80 million cups of coffee drunk each day and less than 1% of the bean ending up in the cup (the rest going to landfill) coffee waste is a huge problem for the UK. 

However, coffee grounds are packed full of nutrients and once mixed with a medium, they provide the ideal base in which to grow mushrooms – specifically Oyster mushrooms.

Harvested Oyster Mushrooms

Expanding the Farm

With Oyster mushrooms proving so popular, we are keen to trial different species of mushroom. 

 One such variety, Nameko, grow well on fir trees, so having recycled our redundant Christmas trees, we plugged them with a number of Nameko dowels.  Taking 9 to 12 months to produce mushrooms, we will keep you up to date on progress!

Join the Community

With plenty of exciting plans in the pipeline, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest news and events, including The Rooftop Farm tours. 

If you are interested in ordering our produce or are a local community group looking to host an event at our farm, please contact