Whittard Unveils Their Spring Favourites Collection

Spring is in the air, and Whittard is bringing the sunshine with their new range of Spring favourites. They are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new Spring range, guaranteed to add a burst of flavour to this season.

Their new range includes a variety of fruit infusions, coffees, hot chocolates and oolong teas.

Featured in their Spring lineup are:

  • Coconut Hot Chocolate:
    A new and improved coconut flavour – back on a smooth milk base and packed with sweet, creamy notes you’ll go (coco)nuts for.
  • Coconut Oolong:
    A light, soothing oolong tea with creamy coconut and a hint of sweet apple.
  • Dragon Fruit and Pomelo Fruit Infusion:
    Say hello to a zingy and tropical infusion! They’ve paired dragon fruit and hibiscus for a fresh fruit taste with a sorbet-like finish.
  • Coconut, Chocolate Chip and Almond Biscuits:
    Buttery, crunchy biscuits which burst with creamy coconut, almond and a good scattering of dark chocolate chips.