STRONG Pilates joins Wimbledon Quarter this Summer

We are excited to announce that STRONG Pilates will be opening its doors to pilates enthusiasts this Summer, adding to the vibrant mix of lifestyle and fitness brands in our neighbourhood.

Originating from Australia, STRONG Pilates is the world’s fastest growing Pilates-inspired, cardio infused training concept, offering a unique fitness programme. Each 45-minute session includes rowing/cycling and resistance exercises, designed to enhance strength, mobility and endurance. At the heart of their concept is their patented ‘Rowformer’ machine, offering a full-body workout that combines high-intensity with low-impact, controlled strength training.

Alexander Woolf, COO of Romulus, expressed his excitement, saying, “We’re thrilled to welcome STRONG Pilates to Wimbledon Quarter. Their unique classes perfectly complement our existing fitness and lifestyle brands, making Wimbledon Quarter a true local mixed-use hub.”

John Hastings, UK Managing Director of STRONG Pilates, added, “We can’t wait to introduce STRONG Pilates to Wimbledon and witness the positive impact it brings to the community’s well-being. Our workout isn’t just about physical fitness; it’s about holistic wellness, incorporating cardio, flexibility, strength, and mental fitness in one session.”

Curious to learn more? Head over to STRONG Pilates Wimbledon’s website to register your interest and sign up to opening updates.