Meet Will, Our Urban Farmer!

Tucked away on the service deck of Wimbledon Quarter lies The Rooftop Farm Wimbledon; a green oasis born from the desire to turn an unused urban space into a flourishing and sustainable garden. 

Carefully designed with a greenhouse plus an array of raised beds and pots, the rooftop garden provides seasonal produce throughout the year, as well as microgreens and fresh herbs. 

The Rooftop Farm also houses three apiaries, home to our honeybees who produce on average 360 jars of delicious honey each year.

A short walk from the farm is our mushroom station – installed with a specialist grow tent – where we produce gourmet quality Oyster and Shitake mushrooms.

As part of our dedication to create a circular economy, mushrooms are grown from recycled coffee grounds sourced from cafes local to Wimbledon Quarter.  Once harvested, our mushrooms are sold to local restaurants and delicatessens, including the Bingham Riverhouse, before the cycle begins again.

For more information, visit our dedicated farm page here.

The Rooftop Farm Wimbledon is managed by Will Murray, our brilliant urban farmer.

Will holds an RHS qualification in Horticulture and studied with The London College of Garden Design at Kew Gardens, before founding his own garden design studio, It Will Grow.  

His skill and dedication was rewarded in 2022, when he awarded a Silver-gilt medal at the world-renowned RHS Chelsea Flower Show for his debut show garden “The Potting Balcony Garden”.

With plenty of exciting plans in the pipeline, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest news and events, including The Rooftop Farm tours.

If you are interested in ordering our produce or are a local community group looking to host an event at the farm, please contact